Thursday, 30 October 2008

"Homely" bags...

SMALL COFFEE CUPS bag is very trendy perfect for a coffee lover!

This is a great bag for carrying your fresh veg or for hanging in the kitchen... CHILLI SALSA bag.

This is the HOME SWET HOME bag - very colourful!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

New bags

This AFRICAN DANCERS bag is new today! Really bright and colourful. Stunning bag.

This is my 4 x POSTCARDS bag... depicting landmarks of the world: big ben, statue of liberty, pyramids, etc.

MUSIC bag simply has 4 instruments on each side of the bag. Great for a music lover.

William Morris collection

This is the SAGE GREEN WILLIAM MORRIS bag. Very much in the style of his wallpapers and fabric designs. Beautiful.

This is the DARK GREEN WILLIAM MORRIS bag. Same patterns as above, but darker colours. Very striking.

Lovely rustic golds and browns in the AUTUMN WILLIAM MORRIS bag.

And finally a CONTEMPORARY WILLIAM MORRIS bag - using his patterns in brown and pink.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Girlie bags

The CRAFT bag is perfect for storing wool and knitting needles, or other crafting items.

This CAKE bag was made especially for my lovely little neice. She is only 4 and has wanted her own special bag since I started to make them!

This is HEARTS AND FLOWERS bag ...very romantic!

American / Canadian image bags

This is my DEBBIE MUMM bag. Very colourful and a "homely" parricular, I love the girls chatting and the heart - and the cat teapot!

This is the LOVE IS... bag. Loveis kind, love is patient, love is understanding, love is believing all things... two sides of bag are similar, but not excatly the same.

Animal bags

This DOG bag is very popular with dog lovers!

This is the WILDLIFE BAG which has lovely autumnal colours for this time of year.

A bag for horse lovers... simply the HORSE bag.

The FARMYARD bag is cute and colourful!

This stunning bag is called AFRICAN ANIMALS bag.

Cat bags

The BLACK/WHITE CATS bag shows pictures of kittens. Lovely bag.

This is COLOURFUL CATS bag. Shows pictures of realistic cats... i love the image of the cat by the fire!

FANCY CATS bag is quite american / canadian looking, I think.

This is CREAM CATS bag. Very cute!!

Simply called.... SIMPLE CATS bag. I wonder what they are all watching?!?!?!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Fairies bags

This PINK FAIRIES bag is based on the flower fairies.....

...and is exactly the same as this BLUE FAIRIES bag... only this one is in blue ! :)

My first post.

This is my BUTTERFLY BAG - I'm afraid I haven't been able to source this material for a while now, but I am still on the lookout wherever I go!

This NATURAL SEASIDE bag was very popular over the summer months!

My very first bag... BUTTERFLY GARDEN. I love the colours and images and I often use this bag when I go shopping.