Saturday, 27 December 2008

Stockton Heath Winter Festival Display

This is how I displayed my bags at the fabulous Winter Festival at Stockton Heath, in December. It was a fantastic day....enjoyed by the many stall holders, who sold everything from german biscuits, gingerbread and chutneys, to christmas wreaths - and of course, our stall. (Me and my Mum) I sold my bags.... which were really popular! .......

....and mum took her shaped acrylic mirrors...another popular choice for christmas present shoppers! :) They are great presies...I have a small cat shaped mirror in my handbag, as they are lightweight, shatterproof, and look fab!! The most popular ones we sell are the "splat" (great for bathrooms) "butterfly" and "heart" as well as the letters to spell out names. xx

Saturday, 13 December 2008

A very popular choice...a gorgeous bag, called Wine and Glasses.

I LOVE this bag... the breast cancer care bag. I have glittered the middles of the flowers which looks fabulous.

Pastel teddies crowd bag ...I think this fabric has been discontinued now, sadly.

Sepia Wizard of Oz bag, depicts scenes from the movie.

Bright teddies crowd bag...similar to the pastel teddy crowd, but brighter in colour. Again, a discontinued fabric.

Christmas bags

This is so simple, and has been very popular! Christmas teddy border has some glitter on the stars, which hasn't come out too well in the photo.

Cinnamon stick bag is stunning.

This is the front of a bag I have made myself for christmas....american snowmen.....

...and this is the back of the bag...american santas.

Love is... has some christmassy images on, too.